Meet Dr. Richard V. Escobar

Dr.-E-PicDr. Richard Escobar sees dentistry as more than a science.  He sees it as an art form: “My experience and an inherent interest in art- in drawing and painting- have helped me develop an artistic appreciation for what I do.”  It also has helped him maintain a successful practice based on serving others for more than 40 years.

Dr. Escobar graduated from Marquette University-School of Dentistry in 1970.  In 2012, he was presented with The Outstanding Dental Service Award from Marquette.  Says Richard, “I’ve tried to live my life in a manner according to and consistent with Marquette’s mission of excellence, faith, leadership and services because it embodies the values my family and  I embrace.”  Just as influential as Marquette was in shaping Dr. Escobar’s worldview, was his father, Ventura.  “He taught me the value of hard work, consistency and persistence,” he says.  “He inculcated the values of faith, obligation to family, and responsibility to share one’s gifts and abilities.”

Dr. Escobar is a leading restorative dentist in Tucson, Arizona.  Specializing in crown & bridge and also denture & partials.

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