Introducing Dr. Kevin T Maskell
As the son of an Air Force pilot, you might think I should have moved around frequently as a child, but I didn’t. We lived in Germany for a few short years after I was born there, but I was mostly raised in South Jersey, about 45 minutes outside Philadelphia.

Growing up I enjoyed sports like wrestling, gymnastics, and skiing. I majored in mechanical engineering at Cornell University and joined the Air Force through ROTC in 1998. My wife Heather and I met as undergrads on the East Coast, though she is a Tucson native. We had 10 years of  marriage behind us before our two boys came into out lives. You could say she brought me to the Old Pueblo, but the Air Force helped. I flew as a navigator on EC-130H “Compass Call” aircraft based here at Davis-Monthan for about 10 years. Yes, I’ve been “over there” a few times. Now, most of the aircraft I flew are finding their way into the Boneyard

Many people comment on how big a change it was, navigator to dentist. Earning the title “Doctor” wasn’t always my life’s goal, but my story is an example of finding that spark a bit later in life. My father in law had some dental implants placed in about 2004, and hearing about the process awakened something in me. I felt that I’d found a calling, and I knew I’d never felt this way about any of my undergraduate design projects. It took me a few years to catch up on the coursework I needed to apply-at night, and in-between deployments. With Heather’s support, we made it work, and I graduated from Midwestern University College of Dental Medicine-Arizona in 2012. My postgraduate practice began with an Air Force Advanced Education in General Dentistry residency in Las Vegas. I could not be happier. I love the complexity of the human body-and I love how dentistry is a new marriage of materials science, engineering, and artistry every day.

Finding Dr. Escobar at this point in my career has been phenomenal. We are kindred spirits in our approach to dentistry! I take great pride in offering high quality care for my patients, and I am excited to continue his legacy here at Dental Arts of Tucson.